Dorchester County Public Schools Student Mission Pledge:

I will finish my program of study and become college and career ready.

Maryland's College and Career-Ready Standards resources

Welcome to this Professional Practices Wiki!

The vision of the wikispace is to support all stakeholders as they provide educational opportunities to students. According to federal Race to the Top legislation, all students will be "college and career ready" upon graduation from high school. This vision is deeply rooted in the National Common Core Standards' mission to provide students with multi-modal, authentic, rigorous instructional experiences in their K-12 public education.
This wikispace will allow educators, parents and students to access information and educational links to critical information to support students as they become college and career ready citizens.

Literacy Statement
The 21st Century student possesses knowledge and skill reading, writing and critically comprehending in the following areas:

Pages on this wiki are devoted to exploring planning and preparation, data-driven decision making, research and production, technology integration, and transdisciplinary learning as each of these areas applies to teachers' best practices, parent involvement, and students' success.

Curriculum and Standards Alignment


What will the PARCC Assessments look like?

PARCC Assessment Prototype Questions and TasksPARCC Test Blueprint