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January 23, 2013 Professional Development(click above to go to the Content Area Literacy page)

Today's Agenda:

Resource Materials: Common Core Standards and Assessment


HIGH SCHOOL ELA PROTOTYPE--Grade 10 ELA Literary Analysis Task:

Additional Handouts and Resources:

Using a Multimedia Approach to teach English Language Arts (presentation adapted from MSDE EEA 2012)

Teaching Books is an online resource which allows educators to search for multi-media resources and lesson plans using a novel as an 'anchor text':

Text-Dependent Questions and Common Core Standards Alignment link

  • This website includes hyperlinks to the Common Core Standards "Bookmarks" or "Templates" by grade level which include question stems organized by Common Core Standard!
  • Adapted from this resource: Grades 9-10 and Grades 11-12 Close Reading Question Bank handouts:

Adapted from Kelly Gallagher's Write Like This, Close Reading and Demonstrating Comprehension through writing organizer and prompt:

Close Reading (Middle School)

Close Reading (High School)

(PARCC: A Common Core Unit, Lincoln's Gettysburg Address)

(MSDE: Public Advocacy Unit; shared at Summer 2012 EEA)

Text-based Evidence Resources